Cagayan State University Teacher playing DOTA allegedly hits student

A Cagayan State University teacher is in hot waters right now as a netizen posted a CCTV footage showing this teacher hitting a student.

The teacher in the video was identified by the FB account owner as Victor Tondo, 30 y.o.

Cagayan State University teacher

In the video, it will be seen that a group of students were inside a computer shop. The said students were about to leave the place and one by one they started to stand-up from their computer station. One student, who was already standing got his backpack and swayed it to anchor it on his back.

However, in doing so, he accidentally hit the man sitting at the back also playing the computer. This man, wearing long sleeves suddenly stands up. He punched the student, targeting the head. The helpless student did not fight back, and just brushed the side of the head that was hit and walked away.

According to the post, it was said that the student was just 13 years old of age.

Angry netizens are now petitioning that an investigation must be done by the school authorities where this Cagayan State University teacher is employed.

Some even said that he must be reprimanded and have his teaching license revoked.

Here is the full video.






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