Carmina’s twins: Mavy and Cassy celebrate 16th Birthday

Celebrity twins Mavy and Cassy have celebrated their 16th birthday.

The twin’s parents Zoren and Carmina gave a Boho-themed swimming party. The event was held at their family’s rest house in Nasugbu, Batangas.

Mavy and Cassy ‘s  closest friends attended attended the party , which seemed to have lasted for the whole day.

A same-day-edit by Nice Print Photography was posted on their Youtube official channel. The video showed the activities done for the twin’s birthday celebration.

It was very evident that it was a fun celebration. In the video, it  will be seen that the twins did play some sports, swam, sunbathed , ate, listened to music and posed for pictures with family and friends.

But the most touching part was the message given by the celebrants’ parents. As Zoren said “ You guys are sixteen…that means you’re still a baby

They will forever be our babies” Carmina added.

Some of the twin’s friends also gave their message saying how good as friends both Mavy and Cassy are.

Here are some photos of the party from Instagram account of NicePrint.

Mavy and Cassy 16th Birthday

mavy-cassy-4 mavy-cassy-5 mavy-cassy-7 mavy-cassy-8 mavy-cassy-9



Mavy and Cassy are Maverick Legaspi and Maria Cassandra Legaspi in real life. They were born in Los Angeles, CA USA.

Both are endorsers for famous brands like Selecta and Bench.




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