Catriona Gray bashed for breaking Miss Universe crown

Some netizens bashed Catriona for breaking Miss Universe crown.

In the Miss Universe official FB account (@MissUniverse), a video was posted where Catriona shared what happened to her crown.

According to Catriona, she was in a parade and since there was a live band she ended up dancing.

“…I ended up dancing , although I’m not a good dancer. “ she said.

Then this was followed by what she called as a confession and showed a part of the Mikimoto crown that was broken off.

“The Mikimoto has seen better days as a result of my dancing. I’m so sorry!” she explained with a laugh.

Sad to say, there were netizens who did not take her confession about the Miss Universe crown lightly.

There were a few who bashed the reigning Miss Universe.

Despite the bashers, there were still who showed support to Catriona.

As well know, the said crown is what is called the Mikimoto crown.The name comes from Mikimoto, the Japanese company that designed it. Mikimoto is one of the the official jewelry sponsor of the Miss Universe Organization. It was first used in the pageant in 2002.

The crown that is valued at $250,000 is adroned with 500 diamonds that are almost 30 carats (6.0 g) and 120 pcs. of South Sea and Akoya pearls, ranging in size from 3 to 18 mm diameter.

Miss Universe posted a message saying the crown will be fixed.

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