Caught on Cam: Livewire Kills 2 in Boracay

An electrocution incident in Boracay was caught on cam, where two were instantly killed.

The video has gone viral in Facebook. At first it looked like as if the house/kubo made of light materials was on fire because of the bright orange blaze. But in the audio, sound of live electricity will be heard.

The noise was so loud, just like what we usually see in the movies. The sound was really scary for it was a proof that the live wire was charged with thousands bolts. There were even popping sounds like lit firecrackers.

What was more scarier and hair-raising was the sight individuals lying on the ground near the exploding wires. An unconscious man will be first seen , then two others.


A man went near the house, but couldn’t come any closer due to the live wires. A woman’s voice will be heard and she was obviously in panic while calling for a name “Sante”.

The caption of the video tells the whole story of this frightening incident , which was said to have happened in Brgy. Yapak, Boracay.

According to the report, this electrocution incident claimed two lives and injured another person. Sadly one of the casualties was a seven-year old girl.

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