Caught on Cam: Manyakis on the Jeep

A netizen shared a video  of a manyakis (pervert) doing something  objectionable while in a jeepney ride.

The man who was allegedly a pervert was actually not seated and was at the entrance of the jeep making “sabit”. He was carrying a backpack, which he placed in front of his body. In the first part of the video , only the lower portion of the body of the man was shown. He reached out for something in his front, which looked like he was getting something from his backpack.

But the next thing that happened was truly disgusting!

Apparently, this manyakis reached out for the zip of his pants!

Then this manyakis / pervert started rubbing his genitals to the woman’s legs seated on his right side. The woman was obviously wearing shorts as her legs were exposed. In the video, the woman being harassed was captured by the camera. She was holding a paper and was covering her face as if sleeping. All the while, the woman never reacted to what the pervert man was doing to her.

manyakis in the jeep


This post has reached more than 9k shares. There were netizens who bashed the person who took the video. It was mentioned that help should’ve been extended to the woman instead of just taking the video. Others made accusations that the owner of the video just wanted instant fame.

Here is the full video.


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