Caught on cam! Man shows private part in bus, lady passenger angrily reacts

Man shows private part in bus video is going viral in social media right now. As of posting the Twitter video has reached more than  1.6 million views.

A netizen with a Twitter account under Ushwa(@joshuapaciben) shared the video.

First a woman’s face would be seen the video. She was using her mobile phone to record the video and the camera was on selfie mode. Then after a few seconds, a shocking scenario was captured!

A man who was standing near the lady taking the video had his zipper open with his private part exposed. He was wearing a shirt and pair of jeans. He was also carrying a backpack, which he used to cover his front body.

The lady passenger felt violated and angrily shouted for everyone to hear that the man was showing his private part. Upon hearing the allegation, the man immediately denied it, but it will be seen in the video that he zipped back his pants.

The commotion continued , which caught the attention of several passengers.

This the man shows private part in bus incident occurred in a cramped bus.

Watch the full video below. Warning, the video contains sensitive image.



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