Caught on CCTV : 1 year old baby physically abused by yaya while parents are away

A 1 year old baby physically abused by yaya was recorded in a
closed-circuit television (CCTV) that the parents installed in the bedroom .

Abby the mother of the baby went to the Violence Against Women and Children desk of her baranggay to file a complaint against the yaya , alias “Iya”.

According to Abby, she met Iya via social media and the later went to her for employment a year ago. At first Iya seemed to be very caring with the baby, especially when they are around.

In the CCTV video that Abby retrieved, there were several instances showing her 1 year old baby physically abused.

It will be seen that while Iya was feeding the baby, she suddenly slapped the baby. The baby’s cry will be heard in the video.

Then while the baby was asleep, she again hit the baby in the head and even forcibly rubbed a pillow in the baby’s face. In another footage, Iya was also caught hitting the baby in the head with an alcohol bottle.
What’s worst is when Iya did something to give sexual pleasure to herself while lying beside the baby.

Iya, the yaya was not aware that there was a hidden CCTV camera installed in the room.

When confronted at the baranggay, Iya acknowledged her wrongdoings and said that she was problematic . She apologized and begged for forgiveness.

Abby will have her baby checked by a doctor to wee if the baby is ok.

On the other hand baranggay officials gave an advice to be vigilant in hiring yaya’s and as much as possible ask for police or NBI clearance.

Watch the full video below.

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