Caught on CCTV: Not a Good Samaritan in SM City Bacolod

Caught on a supermarket CCTV was a footage of a not a good samaritan grocer.

If some people choose to be a good Samaritan by honestly returning things that do not belong to them (Read:Honest airport attendant returns pouch with P100k cash) , even if they are in dire need.  Well no for this lady in pink who actually looked that she is doing ok in life.

In the video, it will be seen that there were two ladies lined-up in a grocery counter. The first that was attended to was the lady in black printed blouse wearing eyeglasses. While she was emptying her cart, she placed down her tablet and mobile phone on her left side. Then she was asked by the counter to sign a receipt.

After the lady finished her transaction and her good were handed to her companion, she has gone oblivious of her tablet and celphone. She left without realizing she forgot to pick up her stuff.

Now the lady in pink who was next in line was the main star of this not a good samaritan story.

Because instead of doing some efforts to have the gadgets returned, she claimed it for herself. It will be seen in the footage that when she saw that no one was looking , she placed her bag on top of the tablet and mobile to hide it. Then this heartless lady discreetly placed it inside her bag and left casually!

According to the caption this happened in SM City Bacolod.

Here’s the full video

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