Doctor Pays for Hospital Bills of Former Teacher

A high school teacher received a pleasant surprise when she checked out of the Perpetual Succor Hospital in Cebu after a surgery. Virginia Padilla Roble, a high school teacher, was incredulous upon being informed at the nurses’ station that her doctor, Dr. Dilbert Monicit, had waived his professional fee. It turned out that the surgeon was Roble’s former student way back in high school.

Virginia Padilla Roble

Dr. Monicit noted that his professional fee was already paid twenty two years ago and that his patient was his favorite teacher. Dr.Monicit was Roble’s student in her Filipino class.

The teacher was hospitalized for a couple of days after breaking her forearm. She had to undergo surgery in the said hospital.

Roble turned to twitter in order to thank her doctor for the gesture. She posted a copy of the note on December 9, and has since gone viral on social media. In her post, the teacher said, “Just checked out of Perpetual Succour Hospital.I got this note from the nurses’ station. Thank you for the early Christmas gift, Dr. Dilbert Monicit. Thank you for being there.”

Perpetual Succor Hospital in Cebu

As of today, the note has been shared 588 times and received 9,700 reactions from netizens who hailed the Doctor for his kind gesture. Some netizens commented on the teacher’s post that says “I wish there are more doctors like him;” “this is the best gift ever;” “I though this happens only in the movies;” “It’s time to give back. Our teachers did a good job for what we are today.”

Doctor Dilbert Monicit

Dr. Dilbert Monicit is a graduate of the University of the Philippines and took his medical course at the Cebu Institute of Medicine.

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