“Tasteless” Ads Annoy Cebu Pacific Passenger

A Cebu Pacific passenger turned to social media after his flying experience was “ruined” by advertisements that were glued to the interior walls of the plane. Paolo Lalas was on a flight from Manila to General Santos City last January 12. According to Lalas, the advertisements made the ceiling of the plane dark and that these advertisements “triggered his claustrophobia.” The said advertisements were promotional posters of an over-the-counter medicine for common colds.

Cebu Pacific Cabin Ad Posters

Lalas also complained that the posters looked cheap and that they had figuratively turned the plane into “another EDSA”.

He also said that these advertisements definitely go against “Smile Magazine’s” (the official in-flight magazine of Cebu Pacific Airlines) advocacy of flying in style.

This was Paolo’s post on his Facebook page:

Paolo Lalas on Cebu Pacific

I don’t rant on social media but omg CebuPacific Cebupacificair.com CebuPacificAirLine’s flight from General Santos City to Cebu yesterday trigged my claustrophobia due to these absolutely tasteless adverts of Neozep making the plane ceiling space dark. These Neozep adverts glued to perfectly white walls in a beautiful plane are so cheap looking and ruined the glorious feeling of flying. Damn it Cebu Pacific Air you literally brought the EDSA experience of commuting on the air #‎tasteless ... These adverts are disconnected to Smile Magazine for Cebu Pacific advocacy for flying in style grr

His post on social media received 364 likes and had been shared 286 times as of this writing. Among the comments on his post is that of a wife of a plane engineer who claimed that the said practice is against the quality standards of the airline industry since the advertisements did not seem to be fireproof. Others also said that the advertisements made the plane look “tacky” and that the advertisements made the plane’s interior similar to that of a city bus.

Cebu Pacific Plane Ads in Cabin

For its part, Cebu Pacific Air responded to Paolo Lalas’ post by vowing to take down the said advertisements.

Hi Paolo Lalas, thanks for sharing your feedback with us. We will be taking this down and find ways to improve showcasing our cabin ads. Again, many thanks and we look forward to having you onboard Cebu Pacific again.

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