Cebu Pacific Steward steals cash from passengers’ baggage

News from Chinese media reported an incident of a Cebu Pacific steward who allegedly sacked cash from passengers’ baggage.

According to the reports, this happened in a Cebu Pacific Air flight no. 5J52 from Kalibo to Changsha, China. It was said that shortly after the plane has landed, three passengers discovered that their cash were missing from their baggages. In total, the alleged stolen money amounted to 8,000 Yuan (approximately Php 56,000).

One of the victims immediately contacted the police authorities to report. An investigation was done inside the plane and the police actually recovered some of the money.

In an attempt to dodge evidence of the felony, the stolen cash was dumped in the trash bin in the restroom and some were even flushed in the toilet!

Here are the photos of the alleged Cebu Pacific steward thief.

Cebu Pacific Steward

A third-party security agency will also join the investigation of this incident. As for the Chinese police, a Chinese lawyer confirmed in the report that (Translated in English) “since the case occurred in the Philippines flight to China , the Chinese police investigation if you want , it must be with the consent of the Philippine police .”

What do Cebu Pacific Air say about this?

A screen capture of the airline’s response was posted with the report.

Cebu Pacific Steward




A Facebook post provided more details on the alleged stealing of a Cebu Pacific flight attendant.

“…The whole crew were said to have conspired to committing the crime because other flight attendants and the air marshall were covering the suspect when he rushed to the toilet trying to destroy all evidences.
The crew started to look suspicious when they insisted that the window shields must be pulled down all the time and even small sling bags were required to be stored in overhead bin while much bigger school bags of children were exempted.
The handwritten Chinese letter was the testimony of the passengers.”

cebu pac 3



In their twitter account, Cebu Pacific has also stated that they are investigating this issue.

Cebu Pacific stealing

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