Charice-Alyssa Break-up confirmed

Charice-Alyssa break-up  is already confirmed!

A text message¬†from Carl Cabral, Charice’s handler sent a text message to ABS-CBN entertainment news reporter MJ Felipe.

Yes, Charice and Alyssa have broken up and it was a mutual decision,” the text read.

Surely many will chase Charice for her side, but Carl has confirmed that the Kapamilya singer will elude from any questions.

Charice is not accepting any interviews and now taking a break. He’s doing fine and he’s happy. Thank you very much.” Carl added.

The news on Charice-Alyssa break-up first came out from Pilipino Star Ngayon last Wednesday.

According to the report, Charice was seen leaving the couple’s apartment with pack of bags. It was also mentioned in the report that Charice allegedly stayed in one of her fan’s house.

This was refuted by Carl saying ” The rumor that Charice is living with the fan is not true. He has bought his own house,”

Last year, the couple said the they were planning to have a biological child. In an interview, Charice shared that they were also planning to get married.

It was in 2013 when Charice admitted her relationship with Alyssa Quijano. It was also the same year that this International singing sensation finally disclosed her sexuality in a taped interview on “The Buzz”.

Charice-Alyssa break-up





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