Charice Pempengco’s alleged new name after break-up with GF

Two month’s after her break-up  with her partner  Alyssa Quijano (Read:Charice-Alyssa Break-up confirmed), here comes another surprising news on Charice Pempengco’s alleged new name.

Looks like Kapamilya singer Charice is moving-on with a new life and new name.

In her Instagram account, Charice removed all photos that she posted during the time she and Alyssa were still together. Aside from that, it was reported that this International singer has changed the name of her social media accounts to Jake Zyrus.

Here is an IG post from @jakezyrusmusic-

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for the love and respect. I love you back and I’m sending peace to everyone.

A post shared by Jake Zyrus (@jakezyrusmusic) on


In Twitter, the account @jakezyrus is also being linked to Charice’s new name. There is no post or any pictures for this account though. What will be seen are Twitter posts from an account under Jed Velasco talsking about Charice.

Charice Pempengo's alleged new name

Confirmation or any official statement on Charice Pempengco’s alleged new name is yet to be released.

In her official Twitter account, Charice posted what sounded like cryptic message about the truth.




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