Charice Pempengco’s ex-GF Alyssa Quijano at Idol Philippines 2019 audition

Alyssa Quijano, Charice Pempengco’s ex-girlfriend auditioned for the Idol Philippines 2019.

She’s now 26-year old and has continued to pursue her studies. As shown in her VTR, she is taking Medical Technology course.

It was indeed a surprise when she admitted to the judges that she once had a relationship with Pyramid singer Charice Pempengco , who is now known as Jake Zyrus.

According to Alyssa, they went through a difficult time way back then, making her sacrifice her studies and singing aspirations.

But looks like she has moved-on.

“This is the time na I’m leaving my past behind.. Eto na ako” she said in her video.

After the VTR, Judge Vice Ganda straightforwardly asked her “How are you now?”

Alyssa said she is good and happy. Aside from going back to school and pursuing her dream again, she also is in a new relationship, a boyfriend this time.

Actually, her boyfriend was backstage to show support for Alyssa.

For her audition, Alyssa Quijano said that she will sing Regine’s ballad “Araw Gabi“.

Upon hearing what Alyssa’s piece was, Asia’s Songbird had a funny reaction.

Araw Gabi, anu yun?” she surprisingly asked Vice Ganda!

Vice of course did not let the chance pass to be funny, he responded “Narinig ko magaling yung kumanta nun“.

Yes , Regine almost forgot that it is her own song.

So did Alyssa impress Regine? Watch the video below.

Find out also who texted Vice after Alyssa’s performance.

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