Charice performs as Jake Zyrus in ASAP

Jake Zyrus, Charice’s new persona was seen in today’s ASAP episode.

She performed a duet with KZ Tandingan , singing a Martin Nievera song -“Each Day With You”. While KZ Tandingan was very lady-like in her black Filipiniana-inspired dress, Jake Zyrus wore a Barong Tagalog.

Aside from looking very manly today, she gave a new taste of her tone of voice. Gone are the birit notes of what Charice Pempengco usually showcased.

Today, for her comeback as Jake Zyrus  in Kapamilya’s Sunday show ASAP , a lower tone of voice was heard.

As we all know, she has undergone some changes to achieve what she looked and sounded today.

Recently, she admitted having her breasts removed last March through a medical procedure known as female to male (FTM) chest reconstruction surgery or “top surgery”. It was also revealed that she is undergoing intravenous testosterone booster . This resulted to a growing mustache, that is now very obvious and a deeper voice.

After the performance, ASAP host Martin Nievera referred to them as “KZ and JZ on ASAP.”

Jake Zyrus is also set to guest on Rated K and Gandang Gabi Vice this Sunday.

Here is the performance video.




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