China hosts an all Chinese Miss World Bikini 2015

Dubbed as a contest that will feature women with the best bikini bodies from all over the world, China recently hosted the Miss World Bikini 2015 contest at a popular waterpark in Hubei province. The contest boasted of having a hundred contestants of world class caliber, all fit to become swimsuit models. But there was one serious problem- all of them are Chinese!

Miss World Bikini 2015

Everyone in the audience was excited to see the contestants parade in their bikinis during the quarterfinal round which was shown on television. But to everyone’s surprise, the host started calling each delegate one by one, not according to the country they were supposed to represent, but according to the various regions of China- Shanghai, Chengdu, Beijing, Xian, Dalian, Wuhan, Taiyuan, and so on. There was not one foreign contestant present but all one hundred models were from China!

The contestants were eventually trimmed down to twenty semifinalists who will compete in the next round where only three will be selected to participate in the national finals.


It was not clear whether the organizers deliberately named the pageant “Miss World Bikini 2015” or they did it by mistake. One thing is clear though – calling the contest “Miss World Bikini 2015” is misleading for there are no other participants representing any country apart from China.

A video from of the official launch of the “Miss World Bikini 2015” contest was available.

Miss World Bikini 2015

According to the video, the launch of 2015全球比基尼小姐中国大赛开赛 was held in Guangdong early this month and the finals of the “Miss World Bikini 2015” will be held in Wenchang, Hainan Province later this year.


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