Cinema Knights 2015: Balota Nga and The Cramming

For the first part of our series of interview with the directors, we will feature two students and their film entries to Cinema Knights 2015.

Balota Nga

Balota Nga” was directed by Communication Arts student, Christian Santiago, nephew of GMA Kapuso Reporter Lhar Santiago. His inspiration was his uncle whom he considers as an institution in the local entertainment industry. In spite of some challenges, he enjoyed making his first film.  He took charge of his filmmaking duties like a ‘captain of the ship’ to make sure everything went on smoothly. He said he is proud of what his team has accomplished.

The film targets young voters to make them aware of the nature of political culture that candidates during election campaign seem to propagate. The father, portrayed by actor Richard Quan, was caught between his principles and his desire to save his ailing son. The choice that he made would later haunt him as his son would be enmeshed in the same corrupt political culture.


The director and crew of Balota Nga wearing vests just like in an election campaign period.


The Cramming

Clarence Sampang wrote and directed “The Cramming.” The film is about two easy-go-lucky college students who did not take their studies seriously. Distraction was their number one enemy when it came to dealing with their tasks until they realize that it was too late.The chemistry between actors Darrel San Andres and Eisen Lim bonded in an instant during their first audition. The scene was shot very candidly which was apt for the film’s comic style.

Ampang did not realize at first that the major that he took includes film making, so he found his inspiration from Edgar Wright, director of Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and upcoming Marvel film Ant-Man. The biggest problem that they encountered was when the wallet containing their production budget got lost.


“The Cramming” crew rushed to grab selfies backstage minutes before the start of the premiere.


Lists of the Film Screening Schedule by the Institute of Communication. Cinema Knights 2015 will run from March 16 to 20.

Cinema Knight Schedule


Cinema Knight Schedule

The directors would like to extend their invitation to all students to watch and support their films.

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