Cinema Knights 2015: Lost Plate and Message Sent

For the second part of our Cinema Knights 2015 feature, two other directors share their thoughts about their film and challenges they faced during production.


Cinema Knights 2015

Communication Arts student Jehu Reyes always wanted to communicate his ideas through an artistic medium. “Lost Plate” was about a guy who wanted to escape the vagaries of life by hanging out in a mall for an entire day. While on his way home, he got stuck in traffic and got the chance to reflect on the things that he should have done. During his rumination, he encountered the three phases of his conscience namely past, present and future. It was like ‘Christmas Carol’ minus the ghosts.

The shot was done at night time along EDSA and the crew had to deal with a lot of external factors such as weather and lighting that made the filming a bit difficult. Nevertheless, they were able to make some adjustments but had to compress their shooting schedule before sunlight.


Cinema Knights 2015

Lost Plate” director Jehu and his staff shouted, “Kailan pa ba naging Good Thing ang hindi Pag-usad?


Cinema Knights 2015

Jaff Salazar’s entry film “Message Sent” to Cinema Knights 2015 was written by Angel Cababa. As a member of Teatro de Letran, he likes both acting and film production. The collaboration between the director and the writer is very much the same as the characters in the film.

The film was set in 2006 when some phones were still using dot matrix style monochrome screen like Nokia 3210 and 3310. Joseph was a frustrated band member until he found a ‘text mate’ and confidante in the person of Jennifer. He was more of a quiet and reserved kind of guy while she was talkative and straightforward. They agreed to an EB (eyeball) only to discover the uniqueness of each other . The challenges for the production were how to deliver the story in a more interesting fashion by the use of ‘jejemon’ language and by giving the audience the ‘kilig’ factor.


Cinema Knights 2015

The “Message Sent” crew was with four full bars of signal on their monochromatic text shirts.


Lists of the Film Screening Schedule by the Institute of Communication. Cinema Knights 2015 will run from March 16 to 20.

Cinema Knights 2015

Cinema Knights 2015


The directors would like to extend their invitation to all students to watch and support their films.



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