Colony of Ants found in young girl’s ears!

Hundreds of ants have been found living inside a young girl’s ear!

A twelve year old girl named Shreya Darji from India, complained of having earaches but no one could have guessed that this was caused by hundreds of ant.

According to news reports, doctors in Gujarat, India, confirmed the bizaare medical mystery that ants literally colonized Shreya’s head.  Reports said that around a dozen emerge everyday and medics have tried removing the ants from the girl’s ear.

In an interview with India’s news channel, Doctor Jawahar Talsania said the girl’s ear case is very challenging for him as he have never seen such a case, nor found it in medical history. “The big ants must be biting her, but the girl did not feel pain inside her ears. Besides, there was no damage inside her ear”, he added.

According to an International news, the ants continue to reproduce despite flushing her ears with antiseptic and deploying laparoscopic cameras.  And while Doctors have repeatedly removed the insects, they continue to reproduce and reside in the girl’s head. In a video of the extraction process, live and dead ants are removed from the girl’s ear. According to the Toronto Sun, a dozen or so emerge every day. Shreya Darji, of Deesa, Gujarat in India, first complained of ear pain in August when doctors found the colony, a news report said.

As of February 12, Friday, the girl was remained under video surveillance by doctors.

This is a reminder to everyone not only parents to children to be cautious and watchful in hygiene and immediately seek for medical check up for whatever strange feelings in our body.

Ants found in young girl's ears


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