Comelec implements May 8 to 9 Liquor ban

Liquor ban has been  implemented on May 8 to 9 by the Commisision on Elections in lieu of the upcoming May polls.

The two- day liquor ban set by Comelec will be properly observed and violators will be responsible for the offense.

Liquor ban

Thus, a resolution was released on Monday by Comelec stating that no Filipino citizen may “sell, furnish, offer, buy, serve, or take” intoxicating drinks anywhere in the Philippines during those days.

Violation of this rule will be counted as election offense and may merit one to six years imprisonment. Anyone who is guilty will be disqualified to handle any public office and and will lose his or her privilege to vote.

Proper authorities like the Philippine National Police (PNP), National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), and Comelec officials will be assigned in “in specific areas” to assure the implementation of the liquor ban.

Hotel, restaurants, and resort managers including Filipino owners are included in the liquor ban. But foreign tourists drinking in “authorized hotels or establishments” are exempted.

However, those establishments that were certified by the Department of Tourism as “tourism-oriented” and generally catering to foreign tourists, should strictly apply for exemption before the Comelec. The application for exemption may be filed before the regional director of the National Capital Region (for Metro Manila), the provincial election supervisor in the area, or the designated city election officer.

Proper documents that he establishment must submit are listed below:

  •  a request or application, under oath and with a statement that the operator or owner has “not been convicted of an election offense;”
  •  a DOT certification that it is tourist-oriented and “habitually in the business of catering to foreign tourists”;
  •  business permit;
  •  a certificate of registration from the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) and/or Mayor’s Permit or Business Permit.

Liquor ban is for everyone’s safety to ensure a peaceful election and avoid any election-related violence.


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