Presidential Candidates Emoji and #PiliPinas2016 and #PiliPinas launched

COMELEC introduces hashtags  the Presidential Candidates emoji.

The whole nation is prepping up for the upcoming elections and of course who could be more busier during this season than our very own COMELEC (Commission on Elections). Aside from the preparing the paraphernalia to be used and ensuring a seamless election (if possible), COMELEC is also leveraging on social media platforms, particularly  Twitter to disseminate information.

Chairman Andres Bautista explained in a press conference that the aim of the Twitter hashtags and Presidential Candidates emoji is to “inspire engagement.

In COMELEC’s presentation , it was explained that when using  and , a special emoji resembling the Phillipine flag will appear.

Now adding fun to COMELEC’s objective of encouraging public’s participation is their Presidential Candidates emoji.

Presidential Candidates emoji
Source: @Comelec Twitter

Looking closely, the Presidential Candidates emoji had each presidentiable well-represented based on their physical looks.

Last January 2016, it was already reported that there will be the partnership between COMELEC and Twitter for the May 2016 elections. The intention was to bridge the public to the presidentiables to allow interaction.  Twitter  Vice President for Asia Pacific and Middle East Rishi Jaitly said that time “…At its heart, Twitter is a mobile microphone for anybody

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