Complaining on loud music killed a newspaper editor

A 30-year-old journalist was allegedly killed when complaining on loud music blaring from a New Delhi gym. He was  shot dead Sunday night after he and the accused had an argument.
The fitness instructor who killed the journalist complaining on loud music was identified only as Rinku. His friends were listening to music inside the gym when local resident Hardeep Singh asked them to turn down the volume.
 According to reports an unnamed police officer was quoted as saying, “When Hardeep went to the gym asking them to end the party or at least lower the volume, Rinku started abusing Hardeep”.

The incident started when the victim is complaining on loud music and allegedly reports to authorities.

The victim reportedly threatened to complain about the noise to authorities and returned to his apartment. A while later the group showed up at his front door. “When Hardeep came out, the two had an argument, followed by a scuffle. Rinku then fired at Hardeep,” the officer added.
Singh, a local editor complaining on loud music was rushed to hospital but Doctors declared him dead on arrival.
Thereafter, police have registered a murder case against the instructor and are searching for him and his friends who are on the run.
 complaining on loud music



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