Condoms to be distributed in schools next year -DOH

Next school year, Department of Health will distribute condoms to students nationwide. This is part of their effort to eliminate the spreading of HIV/AIDS.

Health Secretary Paulyn Ubial they are considering non-traditional distribution aside from health facilities and is now looking into extending it to school clinics.

DOH will work with Department of Education (DepEd)  to run the program in pilot-test basis.

“The distribution of condoms will start as soon as we have threshed out certain matters with the DepEd,”  Ubial said.

As this move may be controversial, DOH has prepared some measures prior to carrying-out the distribution.

But before the distribution, there will be counseling so we can prepare the schools, teachers and the students,”  Ubial added.

According to Ubial, the DOH is not encouraging the youth to use condoms and only distributing it for their protection.

Based on studies, the youngest HIV/AIDS  inflicted patient in the country is 11 years old.

Distribution of condom is not a bad habit. We are not encouraging the youth to use. It is for safekeeping and should be used only during emergency and for their protection,” Ubia further explained.

The National Youth Commission (NYC) and the United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS approves of the step DOH is making to address the HIV epidemic among Filipino youth.

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