Controversial: Duterte Australian Rape Commentary


A video was posted in Youtube just yesterday, showing Mayor Rodrigo Duterte wearing a red shirt  and doing a speech. It was actually more of a story-telling for he was talking about the rape incident of an Australian female who was a lay minister .

Known for his no holds barred manner of speaking, Mayor Duterte casually narrated the story with swear words (P*t*ang-i*a) in some portions of the story. Well some people may have been already accustomed to Mayor Duterte’s curse words and they no longer see it as a point of disappointment , argument or criticism . But what made some netizens, especially women, riled and felt that the Mayor may have pushed it too far, is his comment pertaining to the rape victim.

The angered netizens also pointed out how the audience cheered after the controversial cooment and even found the morbid joke laughable.

What were Mayor Duterte’s controversial comment ? Watch the full video here:

Transcript: (c)Beatboxer Ng Pinas

“”Ni-rape nila lahat ng babae…So ang unang casualty, ang isa dun yung lay minister na Australyana.
Tsk, problema ito. Australyana eh!
Pag labas, binalot. Tiningnan ko yung mukha. Putangina, parang artista sa Amerika na maganda.
Putangina, sayang ito!

Ang pumasok sa isip ko…ni rape nila! Pinag pilahan nila! Putanginang yan, nagalit na ako. Kasi ni rape? Ah, oo. Isa na rin yun. NAPAKA GANDA, DAPAT MAYOR MUNA ANG MAUNA.”

(c)Beatboxer Ng Pinas

Still and all, supporters of Mayor Duterte had their own say to defend their Presidentiable. A comment in the thread said that the video was too short to be judged. One netizen also shared what allegedly happened behind the Australian rape incident to steer clear any out-of-line speculations.


Duterte Australian Rape




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