CRASH AND RUN: Taxi gets hit in a Carwash

The video from Top Gear Philippines titled CRUSH and RUN shows how a taxi gets hit in a carwash.

Posted just yesterday, the video starts with a CCTV footage inside a carwash located along the road. It all seemed like a normal day with cars just passing by. After a few seconds, it will be seen in the video that a taxi maneuvered towards the carwash.

When the taxi was already positioned at the gutter and about to enter the carwash bay , a speeding black pick up comes into the picture. It also headed toward the carwash but did not slow down although it is estimated to hit the taxi.

Now the next thing was like a car chase scene from action film like the famous sequel Fast and Furious.

Here’s the full video with caption that reads:”From Roselyn Banez: ‘A Nissan Navara with plate number PYI-802 hit a taxicab that was entering our car wash shop. The driver fled.’ 

Taxi gets hit in a Carwash


In Topgear Philippines’ post, they confirm that “We checked already before posting this. It’s a 2011 Nissan Frontier Navara, galaxy black, last registered on February 16, 2015. No LTO apprehension or alarm.”

Comments in this taxi gets hit in a carwash video displayed different point of views on who is at fault.

It was speculated that this was case of road rage, for the driver of the pick-up was obviously aiming to hit the taxi.

Other comments were candid saying it was a good advertising stint for the black pick-up’s brand Nissan. Netizens and even Top Gear commented on how the pick-up’s bumper came out of the crash without a scratch.

Either way, Top Gear Philippines makes a stand about this video saying ” A car accident–especially one like that in the video–is never to be taken lightly.







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