Creepy: Grab booking to carry a dead body

A Grab booking has gone viral in social media.

Most of the time news about Grab or Uber will usually be about experiences of either the passengers or driver (either bad or good). We’ve heard a lot about complaints or commendations on drivers, viral videos on rude passengers and so on and so forth.

The story that came out recently is very unusual, rather a creepy one and so far looks like it is on the top of the charts.

The pick-up point is somewhere in Cainta, going to Batangas port.

This Grab booking could’ve been a nice catch for a driver because of the pricey fare which amounts to Php 2,840.

However, the oddest thing about this booking is the note written by the passenger.

May dala po akong patay, pero siya lang po isasakay ninu, bayaran ko na lang toll“.

Yes, you read it right! Riding this Grab booking is a dead body which the driver will carry alone. How creepy can that be!

There was a massive reaction from netizens and of course TNVS drivers . Many said that this is illegal and must be done by an ambulance or a funeral vehicle. Proper documentation is required in transporting cadavers.

Some also said that whether this is a prank or real, the acceptance rate of the driver who would most likely cancel this booking will be affected.

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