Crimes in Divisoria, Binondo declined

Crimes in Divisoria ha s declined, according to police PNP General Dela Rosa. As such, being the bargain capital in the metro, shoppers who are looking for low value merchandise which is usually found in Divisoria and Binondo will now feel at ease while shopping.

Crimes in Divisoria

According to reports, Manila Police District Station 11, which covers Binondo and Divisoria, recorded zero cases of petty crimes such as theft and holdup robbery since the Duterte administration started its all-out offensive against illegal drugs on July 1.

Also reported, it is used to be at least five petty crime incidents before President Rodrigo Duterte assumed power on June 30. The report added that other police stations in Manila also saw a drop in the number of criminal incidents such as murder and homicide in the first two weeks of July.

PNP chief Director General Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa claimed that the anti-drug war has led to the decline of crimes in Divisoria.

But not only in the decline of crimes in Divisoria as reported, the anti-drug war lessened other crimes such as murder, physical injury and rape.

 ‘Pag nagpursige ka sa drugs, yung mga crimes on poverty bababa rin ‘yan. Medyo humina na yung mga loob ng mga masasamang tao gumawa ng kalokohan dahil hindi na sila nagsa-shabu,” Dela Rosa said on Thursday.

The PNP chief Director however did not give specific data to back up his claim. But for bargain hunters, the decline of crimes in Divisoria is such a relieving news.




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