Viral: Crying 5-year old kid pleaded OFW dad to stay

A video of a crying 5-year old girl pleading her OFW Dad to stay is making rounds online after her mother, Icar Yves, posted it on Facebook.

It is indeed heartbreaking to a father to hear such a plea from his child but an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) father in Davao had no choice but to leave.

The crying 5-year old girl was identified as Vaniah Ayn Perdido pleading for her father Joe Mar who had to work abroad.

In the video, crying 5-year kid old was heard saying, “Dili man ko love nimo daddy! Maluoy man ka!” (You don’t love me, daddy! Have mercy!)

The video was taken at the Davao International Airport and the crying 5-year old,  Ayn repeatedly begs her father, Joe Mar, not to go back to Maldives as an OFW. She goes on to say: “Uban ako (let me join you), daddy.”

The video, which was posted November 12, has garnered over 8 million views and more than 260,000 shares as of writing. It also got more than 230,000 reactions.

But, two days after, Perdido posted a photo of her with her children, Ayn and three-year old David, asking all OFWs to stay strong for their children. Adding also that her daughter is already fine.

crying 5-year old

We just want to thank you all for your concerns, support and especially expressing your love to my daughter.I want you to know that she is fine now… To all OFW parents be strong for your kids.. May God bless us and comfort us. I just want to say to all of you that Jesus Christ loves you. (c) Icar Yves Buchorno Perdido Facebook

Ayn is just one of the millions of children left by their parents while they work abroad.

Meanwhile, according to reports, the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) has reported  about 2.4 million OFWs in 2015, which is 100,000 higher than the 2.3 million tallied in 2014.

Thus, President Rodrigo Duterte is eyeing the creation of a new department to cater specifically to the needs of Filipinos who work abroad. Among the problems he wishes to address are the problems on red tape, and rising number of illegal recruitment cases.

Also, lawmakers from the House of Representatives were allegedly creating a technical working group to consolidate bills that aim to create the Department for Overseas Filipino Workers.

Watch the touching video of Crying 5-year old Ayn below:



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