Cute & Funny: Alex Gonzaga make-up tutorial with sister Toni

Aside from being Kapamilya actress and host, Alex Gonzaga is soon to be a promising make-up artist!

In her own Youtube account (Alex Gonzaga), she has¬†posted a cute video of her and her sister Toni G. Alex was practicing the skills she has learned from her training. The video was titled “Doing my Ate Toni’s Natural (Brownie) Makeup”.

In the video, it will be seen that the two were sitting in a couch and was inside a room full of shoes. Alex , being a bubbly person herself started her blog with a funny introduction. This immediately made her sister laugh.

According to Alex, they will be doing a “natural” make-up and her model is Toni, whom she called “She is a jaw“.

She first applied a mist on Toni’s face that led to a kulitan between the sisters. While proceeding with the make-up session, the two threw punchlines at each other. Alex even said to Toni “Let’s face it you’re not that pretty“.

Toni on the other hand complained how her sister dabbed her face and made fun on some of her words like “Look upstairs” and “Eye bros”.

Alex Gonzaga described her make-up as the “I’m not gonna say anything, look at me, love me”.

So how did Toni look after ? See the video below.


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