Daniel’s sister confirms, Daniel and Erich are dating

Instagram photos of Daniel Matsunaga and Erich Gonzaga in sweet moments made these Kapamilya stars a hot showbiz “item”  .

Talks are on the grapevine as to what is the real score of their relationship. A week ago, the two were seen on trip to Hong Kong.

Daniel Matsunaga and Erich Gonzaga

Photo from Erich Gonzales’ Instagram account

Daniel Matsunaga and Erich Gonzaga

Photo from Daniel Matsunaga’s Instagram account

Two things that  are truly eye-catching on these photos. In most of the photo captions, these Kapamilya stars have shown how they see each other as a God-given gift , and the #spartanbaby seems to be their term of endearment.

Although not yet announced by Daniel himself, his sister stirred up the excitement of the fans.

During an interview this Tuesday on PEP.ph, Vanessa Matsunaga confirmed the status of the two seemingly perfect couples “..he really likes Erich, and she’s a good girl, and they are dating now.

Daniel Matsunaga and Erich Gonzaga

The Matsunagas – Geralda, Vanessa, Daniel Photo from vanessamatsunaga IG account

According to her, Erich makes her brother “very happy.”, “And because he’s very happy, I already love her for that. Daniel is very happy,” she adds.

Vanessa also shared how welcome Erich is in their family, “And my mom is very, very proud that Daniel is very happy, and Erich is a good girl. Actually, my mom is such a fan of Erich already. She’s such a sweet girl.”

Earlier, a photo was posted in Instagram  showing that the two ladies , Daniel’s mom Geralda and Erich, have met each other.

Daniel Matsunaga and Erich Gonzaga

Rumors have it that Erich broke-up with her non-showbiz boyfriend because of Daniel. Vanessa clarified this issue.

Vanessa explained that her brother is not the cause of Erich’s break-up with its ex-. “Daniel always respects the fact that she had a boyfriend before and they were just friends. I think they just started growing fond of each other after she broke up. And I don’t really know her story that well with the boyfriend. I never spoke to her about that. I think I’m not in position to ask her anything about that,” she said.

When asked if the couple will lead to marriage? She responds, “It’s too soon to talk about that.

She further explained that, “Daniel is very nice to all of his girlfriends in the past. He’s very loyal and not just to a girlfriend, but to everyone in general. He really treats them with dignity and he respects people and his friends. And so he really likes Erich, and she’s a good girl, and they are dating now.

“DanRich” as tagged by their followers, are truly excited as they followed development since the two worked together in March 2014 as guest co-hosts on a “Kris TV”.


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