Dante Gulapa in Minute to Win it

Dante Gulapa , who is very popular in social media was one of the players in the afternoon game show  “Minute to Win It” , which is hosted by Luis Manzano.

He is included in the week-long contestants of the program’s “Last Man Standing” edition alongside with Darren Espanto, Arci Munoz and Alora Sasam.

A short clip of his life was featured in the show. It was narrated how at the young age of 17, he worked as a dancer in bars. He said that there was a time that he became addicted to bad vices and had incurred debts he cannot pay. Until one day, the bar where he was working was raided by the police.

Dante said that what happened was an eye-opener for him to change his ways. Since then, he strived to go the clean way. At 39 years old, he is married with three kids.

While watching, Dante Gulapa became emotional and got teary-eyed.

When asked by host Luis, he said that he is thankful for the opportunity given to him now.

Of course, his guesting wouldn’t be complete without doing his famous “eagle dance”.

Well he did not only did the dance himself, but Luis asked for a tutorial on how to do it. Everybody, including the audience tried doing this popular dance move.

Watch the full video below.

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