Thresher Shark sold in Tagbilaran

An endangered Thresher Shark was spotted in Tagbilaran fish market in Bohol and is being sold for its meat.

Thresher Shark Tagbilaran Market

The viral photos circulating in social media were uploaded by Holger W. Horn who happened to be in the said market. Horn is an American based in Panglao, Bohol. He called on the authorities to take Cebu as an example in protecting the sharks.

Endangered Thresher Shark sold Bohol Market

Horn posted on his Facebook account:

“Basically all sharks are on the endangered species list and this Thresher Shark is no difference. It was spotted at the market opposite or beside ICM in Tagbilaran City. There is an existing law in the province of Cebu, protecting all sharks. Also, Daanbantayan declared a shark sanctuary within their municipality. Dear politicians of Bohol, don’t you think that it is high time to jump into the footsteps of Cebu? Sharks, especially Whale Sharks are following migration patterns and their ‘homes’ are all oceans and seas around and beyond the Philippines. And therefore Cebu’s efforts needs to be complimented by other provinces until such time the whole Philippines is protecting all shark species, all mantas species and other Rays.”

Holger W. Horn Bohol

The World Conservation Union considers Thresher Sharks to be species ‘vulnerable to extinction’ in 2007.

The Cebu province passed an ordinance banning shark selling and buying in 2014.

The Philippines has existing laws protecting wildlife and its inhabitants, (R.A. 9147), and fishing and trading threatened or endangered spiecies (R.A. 8550).

Thresher sharks are found in Malapascua island and are a major tourist attraction.

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