DOJ dismiss Deniece Cornejo vs. Vhong Navarro rape case

It’s Showtime host Vhong Navarro was acquitted from the rape case filed against him by model Deniece Cornejo.

DOJ’s resolution released this Friday, September 22, stated that the rape case does not have probable cause.

It was also said in the three-page affidavit that Deniece “suffers from a very serious credibility issue” and there was an “inconsistency in the demeanor after the supposed rape incident on January 22, 2014 shown in CCTV footage.”

It was explained that in the first affidavit of complainant Deniece Cornejo, there was no rape mentioned. However, her statement changed afterwards. DOJ also questioned her behavior after the alleged rape and the kissing incident between Deniece and businessman Cedric Lee after bringing Vhong to the precinct. Cedric Lee was later indicted for attacking the Kapamilya actor last January 22, 2014 in Taguig.

Deniece Cornejo filed two counts rape and one count attempted rape against Vhong Navarro in 2014.

She claimed the two incidents happened on – January 17 and January 22.

There were three separate investigations that were conducted by DOJ on these cases. The results of the two investigations relieved Vhong and the other one lead to filing a perjury case against Deniece.

Vhong Navarro’s party were thankful of the outcome. Meanwhile, they are still battling with Deniece and Cedric for the serious illegal detention and grave coercion cases they filed.


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