Donaire defeats Bedak in three rounds!

The “The Filipino Flash”, Nonito Donaire defeats Bedak in just three rounds in his recently concluded fight at the Cebu City Sports Center on Saturday night.

As Donaire defeats Bedak, he retain the WBO super bantamweight in his first title defense.

Donaire defeats Bedak

During the fight,  Donaire hurt Bedak with well-timed left hooks, dropping the former Olympian twice in the second round before clipping the challenger with a vicious uppercut that signaled the end of the bout.

“I’m so grateful nanalo ako at na-knockout ko ang kalaban,” the five-division world champion said after the fight. Idine-dedicate ko ito sa father ko eh,” he added, referring to his father and trainer Nonito Donaire Sr. “Sabi niya tapusin before six rounds. Sabi ko, ‘Sige po gagawin ko ‘yan.;”

Donaire began to land his left hook with more frequency against the Hungarian in the second frame, after feeling it out in the first round.

Bedak tried to defend by landing  an overhand right but the Filipino countered with a left hook that wobbled the Hungarian’s knees. A follow up left hook sent Bedak to the canvas.

Courageosly, Bedak stood up but had a shaky bounce while on his feet. He engaged Donaire again but he paid dearly when the Filipino Flash timed him again with another counter left hook.

And in the third round  Donaire saw initially pacing his rhythm before rattling Bedak with a series of one-two combination. Bedak immediately came back but got clipped with a left hook on his way in.

This now prompted the referee Russell Mora to call a halt in the fight as at that point, Hungarian was all bloodied. And yes, Donaire defeats Bedak in three rounds!

Donaire later said they put the hot summer weather into consideration prior the bout. “Going into the fight alam ko nandoon ‘yung init at sinimulate namin ‘yun sa training,” he said. “Alam ko four to five rounds manghihina rin siya, sanay na po ako doon.”

However, Donaire admitted he got hurt when Bedak tagged him with an overhand right. “That’s something na kailangan kong baguhin. Gigil na gigil ako kasi gusto mashow sa mga tao na maknockout ko siya,” he said.

Donaire Sr. on the other hand said Bedak paid heavily when he decided to go toe-to-toe with his son. But he knew that Donaire is the stronger puncher; hence, he didn’t see the fight going past six round.

“Sabi ko kapag lumaban ito ng sabayan kay Nonito hindi tatagal ng six rounds… Pero lumaban siya kay Nonito so kasalanan niya ‘yan at gusto rin naman ng mga tao,” he said. 

At present, the five-division world champion improved his record to 37-3, while handing Bedak’s second defeat in 27 fights.



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