Donald Trump wins US Presidential Election

Republican Donald Trump won the recently concluded US Presidential race beating expectations and dominating Democratic rival and former secretary of state Hillary Clinton, reporters say.

The US election result was allegedly an unexpected  turnout as Clinton had been strong since the start of the primaries. But Trump, who has never held an elective post, came out of nowhere to challenge Clinton in a divisive general election.

It was on July 20 when Donald Trump was proclaimed the Republican Party’s standard-bearer after beating out 16 candidates and snagging majority of the delegates. Since then, he has been sparking controversies left and right with his rhetoric on Muslims, Hispanics and women, to name a few, alarming many people on both sides of the fence.

Donald Trump was famously known about about building a wall to stop illegal immigration, calling illegal immigrants from Mexico rapists and most recently boasting in a video how he groped women. However, base on reports, many Americans said they prefer the unfiltered candidate over the embattled New York lawmaker.

Meanwhile, Clinton championed equality, women’s rights and universal healthcare, among other issues. Over the course of the campaign, however, she was haunted by her controversial use of a private email server during her time as secretary of state, with the FBI going back on forth on its investigation into the matter.

She was named on July 28, 2016 as the Democratic Party’s first ever woman nominee for president after getting 2,842 votes to Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders’ 1,865.

According to reports, Donald Trump  securing 276 electoral votes over Clinton’s 218, making him to be elected as the 45th president of the United States.

It was said that the 2016 race was the most bruising in modern memory.

Eight year’s ago, Obama’s election as the first black president had raised hopes of uniting Americans, but the current contest has only highlighted the country’s divisions — and the fact that voters are not necessarily happy with their options.



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