Doris Bigornia : “I apologize”

Doris Bigornia Mutya ng Masa


 ABS-CBN reporter and host of the public affairs program “Mutya ng Masa” Doris Bigornia took it to social media to apologize to and explain her alleged misbehavior at the recent concert of Irish pop-rock band The Script.

Earlier, Doris drew flak from netizens after the FB post of Mr.Richard Lim entitled ” The Dark Side of Doris Bigornia” went viral.

Doris Bigornia’s apology started with an explanation on the “blocking the view” issue. She justified that what she and her daughter did was “typical with rock concerts”.

Doris Bigornia’s apology also refutes on the claims that she unleashed harsh words pertaining to Mr. Richard Lim’s hyperventilating son. As we recall the infamous line “WALA AKONG PAKI KAHIT MAMATAY SYA DYAN” . Doris stated in her apology that she “knows the pain of losing a loved one“.

Towards the end of Doris Bigornia’s apology, she spoke of maternal instincts which provoked her to engage in a confrontational manner.“After the concert, my children and I were happily talking about how much we enjoyed the show when Mr. Lim came and confronted us. When Mr. Lim said hurtful words to my children, I had to step in. My maternal instincts took over. That argument should not have taken place,” Bigornia explained.

Here is the complete details of Doris Bigornia’s apology.



doris bigornia facebook
Doris Bigornia posted on Facebook


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