DOT apologizes on the viral MRT aircon leak incident

The MRT aircon leak video that was recorded by a netizen became viral . MRT management has released an apology statement regarding the incident.

Last Tuesday, the video was posted in Facebook. The caption likened the MRT train to a amusement park ride called “Wild River”. Apparently, the aircon leak was a bit strong like rain that got the floor of the train wet. Good thing that the seated passengers got their umbrella. In the video, it will be seen that some passengers has to open their umbrella while inside the train so that they won’t get soaked with the water coming out from the train’s ceiling.

This incident was said to have happened in between  Boni Avenue station and Taft station.


A statement was released by Dept of Transportation apologizing for the inconvenience the MRT aircon leak caused.

They explained that the aircon units were supposed to have a general overhaul last 2016. However, contract with MRT 3’s  previous maintenance provider was discontinued. It was stated that as of November 2017, only 3 out of the 72 trains were underwent maintenance.

DOTr assured that the aircon units will soon be replaced as they have procured OEM units earlier this year.




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