Duterte, Mayor of the Philippines

It has been talked over on what Presumptive President Rodrigo Duterte will be called once he takes his seat in Malacañang. President Digong, President Rody, President D-U-3-0 or President Duterte came out in the news days ago (Read: What will be the Presidential nickname for Duterte?)

What was Duterte’s reaction  about this?  “I am the mayor of the Philippines. I do not want to be called president,”

mayor of the philippines

This was his straightforward answer during the press conference at the Matina Enclave Residences.

“Nakokornihan ako (I find it corny). Not my type. I am not comfortable with it.”  Duterte reason out.

Moreover on his Mayor of the Philippines title, Duterte said that he urge people to retain the Mayor as he has been Davao’s chief executive for a very long time.

It was has first public appearance since the May 9 elections. Apparently, Duterte had a bit of makeover not only with his new haircut, but with his cut back on curse words. It was a promise he made when his vote counts were surging to almost 16 million, giving him the lead in the Presidential race.

On June 30., the outgoing mayor of Davao will be sworn in as the 16th president of the country.


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