Duterte rape comment: 50 OFWs in Australia may lose job

A Facebook post of “Philippines Defense Forces Forum” exposed a message they received in their inbox, which tells of a story of an aftermath of the controversial Duterte rape comment.

According to the netizen who requested to be kept anonymous, said that almost 50 of them working for the same employer may end up jobless. Thier supervisor has relayed a bad news -their contracts will no longer be renewed.  The reason being is that the Australian owner of the company they are working for, allegedly felt “insulted by Duterte’s comments against her fellow Aussie.”

The message sender sounded worried for he/she earns Php 80,000, used to support the studies of her 3 siblings.

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Duterte rape comment


“Sir, I am Filipino working here in Australia. Many of us OFWs who work for the same company live in a company-provided apartment complex here and there’s a group of around 10-15 OFWs from Mindanao who are rabid Duterte supporters, they are very mayabang and even bullied another OFW who openly said that he is against Duterte, they hang Duterte posters over the railings and wear Duterte shirts all the time, but when Duterte’s bad-mouthing the Australian rape victim reached here, the Duterte fans removed their posters and stopped their noisy gatherings but its too late – the owner of the company we’re working for is a very devout Christian and she felt insulted by Duterte’s comments against her fellow Aussie, our supervisor already told us today that the contracts of all of us 50 Filipino workers will no longer be renewed, that we will be replaced by Pacific Islanders. Sampu lang yung mga Duterte fans sa grupo namin pero damay kami lahat dahil sa kabastusan ng iniidolo nila. I earn 80,000 pesos equivalent dito at 3 kapatid pinapa-aral ko diyan sa Pilipinas. Dont mention my name admin.”


Yesterday, April 20, 2016, it was reported that an apology was stated by the mayor for this Duterte rape comment.

I apologize to the Filipino people for my recent remarks in a rally. There was no intention of disrespecting our women and those who have been victims of this horrible crime. Sometimes my mouth can get the better of me…However, I will not apologize for the things I’ve done to protect our people, especially the weak and defenseless, from crime. I know what it can do to the victims and their families. The anguish and pain they cause. The trauma that can’t be erased. I have witnessed these myself numerous times,” Duterte said.

However, Duterte was said to hev been unapologetic towards Australian Ambassador Amanda Gorley.

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