Duterte to rename Malacañang Palace

President Duterte has expressed his intention to rename the Malacañang Palace.

The official residence of Philippine presidents will soon have a new name according to our President during his press conference Thursday night.

Malacañang Palace new name


“Call it Malacañang Palace, I only call it ‘The People’s Palace.’ One day I will rename it …” he said.

Well this plan is not something that just crossed President Duterte’s mind without any reason.

It was the meaning of the word Malacañang Palace that urged the President to rename it.

He stated that the word “Palace” was insinuated by the foreigners who conquered us before- the Americans and the Spanish.

In his candid manner, Duterte said – “Hindi naman palasyo yan eh. Noon lang’ yan sa mga panahon ng mga p****g-i***g pumunta dito at ginawa tayong alipin. ‘Yun mga Español pati mga Amerikano, sino pa?”

As for the  the term “Malacañan” , he explained that this word is associated with Imperialism . He again blamed it on the Spanish rule that lasted for almost 3 decades.

Oo. Tanggalin ko . You know why?  “Malacañan,” sucks with imperialism. Totoo. Sino man ang nagpangalan ng ‘Malacañang Palace’? Mga Español man ‘yan . ”

So what is the new name that Duterte plans to label this 200 year Malacañang Palace?

“Why should I not just address it as the “People’s Palace of the Republic of the Philippines” is what he had to say.



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