Dwayne Johnson says ‘Kitakits’ in “San Andreas” Movie invite

San Andreas

Due to the recent catastrophe in Nepal and its neighboring countries where a series of strong earthquakes occurred, Hollywood actor Dwayne Johnson takes a lighter note in inviting fans to watch his new disaster film “San Andeas.”

In the video, Dwayne Johnson started greeting his Filipino fans with “Mabuhay, Philippines!” and used the colloquial term ‘kita-kits’ referring to ‘let’s meet’ as he invites the viewers to patronize his upcoming film.


In line with recent events here in the Philippines where PHILVOCS had released an atlas of geohazard map pertaining to the two major fault systems that pass through certain areas in Metro-Manila and its nearby provinces – the West Valley Fault and the East Valley Fault – the agency is warning the public about the possible scenarios if a magnitude-7 earthquake strike at any of those active faults and the damage that it could cause in the populated areas. Residents whose houses stand directly on those fault lines should heed the warning from the government agencies.

San Andreas

The movie “San Andeas” is about a strong magnitude-9 earthquake that shook not only the state of California where the San Andreas Fault lies, but the entire American continent.

The wrestler-turned-actor Dwayne Johnson takes the role of a helicopter pilot who tries to rescue her daughter as the disaster happens across the West coast.

Watch the action-packed trailer of “San Andreas” here.

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