QUAKE RECORD as of March 2015

Two successive strong earthquakes rock Tonga and Samoa islands, Monday night, March 30.

The first quake had a magnitude 6.4 and depth of 11 km located  109 km Northeast of Hihifo, Tonga. After 30 minutes, a 6.5 magnitude hit 99 km East-northeast of Hihifo with a depth of 15km. The Pacific Tsunami Weather Center issued statement that Pacific-wide tsunami is NOT expected. No damages or casualties were reported.



Bohol province and its nearby province islands were shaken by a magnitude 4.8 quake Monday morning, March 30.

Bohol 4.8 magnitude March 30

The epicenter was recorded at 8 km Southeast of Buenavista, Bohol with a depth of only 8 km and tectonic in origin. The shaking was felt as far as Capiz & Cebu which prompted the provincial capital to suspend all work immediately. The strength of the quake were measured in the following areas:

Intensity 5 – San Miguel, Bohol
Intensity 4 – Lapu-Lapu City, Buenavista, Bohol
Intensity 3 – Iloilo City; Bogo City, Cebu; Tagbilaran City; Bacolod City
Intensity 1 – Pres. Roxas, Capiz

No damages or casualties were reported.

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) issued a Tsunami Warning following a 7.7 magnitude quake 91 km South-southwest of Taron, Papua New Guinea, March 30.

Papua New Guinea

Tsunami threat forecast mentioned:

Waves reaching 1 to 3 meters above the tide level are possible along some coasts of Papua New Guinea.

Waves are forecast to be less than 0.3 meters above the tide level for the coasts of Indonesia, Australia, Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Northern Marianas, Guam, Palau, Marshall Islands, Fiji, Samoa, Kiribati, French Polynesia, Tonga, Tuvalu, Solomon Islands and Hawaii.

Tsunami Warning 30 March

Mexico experienced a 5.3 strong quake Saturday, March 21.

The epicenter was located at 8 km West-northwest of Tulcingco del Valle. Intensity III was felt at Mexico City.

Mexico  5.3 magnitude March 21

Two separate 5.9 magnitude earthquakes rock Indonesia Monday, March 16.

Located 70 km Northwest of Luwuk, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia, the shaking was recorded at about past 7 in the morning.  The second quake was felt at 17 km Northwest of Rabaul, Papua New Guinea at 1 pm, local time. No tsunami warnings issued.
Indonesia multiple 5.9 magnitudes March 16

Magnitude 4.7 in Legaspi, Albay March 8

The Bicol Region was shaken by a Magnitude 4.7 earthquake Sunday morning, March 8.

The epicenter was located at 46 km northeast of Legaspi City with a depth of only 10 km and it is tectonic in origin. No damages or aftershocks were expected.

The strength of the quake were measured in the following areas:

Intensity IV: Daraga, Guinobatan, Camalig, and Legaspi City, Albay; and Sorsogon City

Intensity III: San Jose, Camarines Sur

Intensity II: Virac, Catanduanes


Indonesia 6.1 magnitude

In Indonesia, a 6.1 magnitude hit west coast of Padang, Sumatra Tuesday 10:37 (local time), March 3.

The epicenter was located 189 km west off shore of Padang City with a depth of only 28 m.

According to local news, hospital staff and patients panicked and rushed out to open space during the quake. The shaking was long and a bit strong said some of the residents. Patients and their relatives were afraid to go back inside the structure until they feel they are safe.

6.1 Magnitude hits 189 km west of Padang, Sumatra, Indonesia, 3 March 2015.

Patients and relatives rushed out of the hospital due to panic.


Yunan, China 5.5 magnitude March 1

A 5.5 magnitude earthquake hit Lincang city, southwest of Yunan Province in China, 7 p.m. Sunday March 1.

The epicenter was located 26km (16mi) south of Nansan, China close to the border with Myanmar.


Saranggani 5.5 magnitude March 1

Earthquake shook offshore of 88km southeast of Saranggani, Philippines, Sunday afternoon of March 1.

With a magnitude of 5.3 and a depth of 99 km, a tsunami warning was issued along the coastal areas of the province.

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