6.8 quake shook coast of Taiwan, Tsunami Alert Issued

Taiwan 6.8 quake April 20, 2015

A magnitude 6.8 quake shook western coast of Taiwan at around 9:42 am, Monday, April 20. The epicenter was located at 66 km southeast of Su’ao or 77 km east-northeast of Hualian in Taiwan with a depth of only 17 km.

Japan Advisory following Taiwan 6.8 quake

The quake prompted Japan Meteorological Agency to issue a Tsunami Advisory for Miyakojima and Yaeyama of Okinawa Prefecture. Waves could be high as 1 meter were expected in Sakishima islands, southwestern portion of Japan but no warning was issued for main island Okinawa.


Taiwan 6.8 quake Japan evacuation

Students in Ishigaki moved in to safer grounds after the announcement and small boats seek refuge at the nearest port.

The PTWC  issued a statement indicating that there are NO threats of any waves reaching Hawaii and a destructive Pacific-wide tsunami is NOT expected. Japan lifted its advisory shortly after noon time.

Taiwan 6.8 quake

PHIVOLCS likewise issued an Advisory informing that there is NO tsunami threat to the Philippines.




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