El Gamma Penumbra Goes Straight to Asia’s Got Talent Semifinals

They wowed the judges and audience in Pilipinas Got Talent in 2012, and became a grand finalist, El Gamma Penumbra shines again!  But this time it was on the international stage!

El Gamma Penumbra

Flying from Manila to Singapore to join the most popular talent show on Asian television, the group known for their stylish dance moves and their creative storytelling in the use of shadow play, El Gamma Penumbra left both the judges and the audience in awe as they gave another spectacular performance. It was described by David Foster, one of the resident juries, as “absolutely magical.” Melanie C said “she got emotional after watching the mind-blowing performance”.

El Gamma Penumbra


The audience gave the group a standing ovation as they chanted “Push that gold!” even before Anggun, another judge, could deliver her comments about the performance. She did not show any hesitation as she pressed the Golden Buzzer which immediately gave the El Gamma Penumbra a direct ticket to the semifinals of Asia’s Got Talent, a first in the show. The group became emotional as Anggun went up the stage to congratulate the group; it rubbed off among the judges especially Anggun, who quipped, “just seeing them cry, you just have to cry as well.” Vaness Wu concurred, “It was really emotional.

El Gamma Penumbra gave a very touching performance of a young couple who fell in love, travelled the world, and stayed together until their greying years.


The panel of judges and the audience did not only like the performance per se but they were also touched by the dance group’s story telling. World landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty, Sydney Opera House Tower, Jesus Christ the Redeemer, the Eiffel Tower, and the Petronas Twin Towers were seen in the shadow playact.

In an interview with the hosts Marc Nelson and Rovilson Fernandez, one of the group’s members said after being asked if they expected to get a Golden Buzzer from the judges, “We did not expect it. We just hoped and we just prayed.

El Gamma Penumbra

Everyone, especially judge David Foster, is expecting another remarkable act from El Gamma Penumbra, as they perform again inthe semifinals of Asia’s biggest talent show.

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