El Gamma Penumbra Performance for Asia’s Got Talent 2015 Finals


El Gamma Penumbra Asia’s Got Talent 2015 Finals
Screen cap from Asia’s Got Talent Facebook

El Gamma Penumbra one of the Philippine’s pride in Asia’s Got Talent 2015 Finals has performed their final act. Once again this shadow play group delivered a breath taking performance.

A different story line was showcased by El Gamma Penumbra for  Asia’s Got Talent 2015 Finals. But of course as always, it was timely, relevant and very inspiring for it was all about advocating the environment.

No question El Gamma Penumbra was able to get the message across as all of Asia’s Got Talent 2015 judges gave them a standing ovation!

Watch this penultimate performance.

Will this performance bring them the grand prize? Let’s wait and see with fingers crossed!

There are 3 more acts that  Filipinos will be cheering for namely – Junior New System, Gerphil-Geraldine Flores and Gwyneth Dorado.


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