El Gamma Penumbra steps into Asia’s Got Talent 2015 Finals

The shadow play group El Gamma Penumbra wowed judges and earned the Golden buzzer in their first performance. But who would’ve thought that it won’t be the last.

Now after their semi-finals performance, they have moved closer to victory . El Gamma Penumbra will be one of the grand finalists for Asia’s Got Talent 2015 Finals!

The first El Gamma Penumbra act in Asia’s Got Talent 2015 portrayed courtship and love . In their second time to take the stage, El Gamma Penumbra went deeper and more emotional with a story about war and hope. From Statue of Liberty, Sydney Opera House and an elephant, El Gamma Penumbra leveled up with a helicopter, tank, and an ambulance for semi-finals.

At the end of the performance, judges Vaness Wu and a teary-eyed Anggun gave a standing ovation.As per Anggun” I’m sure you make all Filipinos proud tonight

David Foster even commended Anggun for pressing the Golden Buzzer during the auditions and described the act as “moving” and “magical“.

Here is their Golden buzzer-worthy performance .

Some netizens claim that the performance of El Gamma Penumbra was dedicated to SAF 44. Well true or not, this touching performance is so timely and relevant.

El Gamma Penumbra will join other Filipino grand finalists namely singers Gerphil Flores and Gwyneth Dorado; and dance group Junior New System. Asia’s Got Talent 2015 Grand Finals  will happen on May 7 and 14 at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.


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