Ellen Adarna speaks on rumors with Baste Duterte

Ellen Adarna speaks on rumors with Baste Duterte. The two were spotted in Siargao Island and had selfies together.

As Adarna speaks on rumors with Baste Duterte, she denied that she is romantically linked with the youngest son of incoming President Rodrigo Duterte.

The rumors with Baste Duterte started circulating after Adarna posted their pictures together in Siargao Island.

rumors with Baste Duterte

rumors with Baste Duterte

However, according to reports, Adarna clarified that she and Baste are just friends and nothing more. Thus, telling other people to stop  making up false stories.

In an interview, she said in Bisaya: “Sa mga fans ni baste ug sa mga ‘assuming’.. naa cyay uyab. Pero dili ako, migo rami. Kkk so ayaw na pag imbento dinha. #chickenTV sa makasabot lang #bisaya.”

It was known that Ellen is in Siargao o celebrate the 25th birthday of actress Beauty Gonzales along with their other friends.

On the other hand, according to Duterte’s Facebook update, Baste is in the island with his own set of friends for a vacation.

In an interview, the youngest son of the incoming President admitted that he is currently in a relationship with his girlfriend with whom he has a two-year-old son.

Adarna, as previously reported in March that she is in a relationship with a foreigner. ( Read: Finally, Ellen Adarna admits relationship with a foreigner ).

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