Is Enrique destined for Liza Soberano?

Is Enrique destined for Liza Soberano? The star of the hit primetime series “Dolce Amore,” believes actor Enrique Gil was, in a way, destined to be her onscreen partner.

Why is Enrique destined for Liza Soberano? What are the shows LizQuen are supposed to be partners?

Recently reported, in an interview with ABS-CBN News’ MJ Felipe on Friday, the 18-year-old Soberano admitted that she was supposed to be paired with Gil for the 2011 remake of “Mula sa Puso.”

According to the actress, her part, however, went to Lauren Young. Soberano, who, at the time, went on to be part of the cast of “Kung Ako’y Iiwan Mo,” added that she was surprised to find out that the role she auditioned back then was for a project alongside Gil.

“Parang wow, ang galing. Dati palang pala I was supposed to be partnered with Quen many times na hindi ko alam,” the actress concluded.

Gil and Soberano were first paired together on the 2014 hit romantic series “Forevermore.” Their tandem has since spawned a devoted following, helping the two score blockbuster films like “Just the Way You Are” and “Everyday I Love You.”

LizQuen tandem is thus a blockbuster team-up, as not only is the actress can conclude but also maybe the fans that indeed  Enrique  destined for Liza Soberano.

Enrique destined for Liza



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