Ex-BIR Commissioner Kim Henares answers Gretchen Baretto’s allegation

Ex-BIR Commissioner Kim Henares, through her Facebook account, answered Gretchen Baretto’s allegation.

Last January 18, an Instagram video of Gretchen Baretto went viral. It was no holds barred video wherein she said that Kris Aquino allegedly helped a certain businesswoman named Alice Eduardo, who is known to be close to celebrities and known personalities.

Gretchen said that Alice was being charged a big amount of tax. The president at that time was Noynoy Aquino and the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) Comissioner was Kim Henares. Kris was said to have asked her brother to help lower Alice Eduardo’s tax due. (Read: Viral: Gretchen Baretto slams Kris Aquino) .

Kris Aquino hasn’t responded to this allegation to date. However, the ex-BIR commissioner did note let the controversial allegation pass and answered back.

In the said FB post, Henares said that the allegation was “straight from a comedy script“. She also pointed out that even her family did not enjoy tax privileges.

At the end of her post, Henares gave a meaningful advice to Gretchen saying “I strongly suggest that Ms. Baretto, apply more restraint and thoughtfulness in her statements.” she said.

Here is the full post.

Kim Henares is currently working as Kris’ personal accountant.

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