Ex-Power Ranger actor stabs roommate with sword

Ricardo Medina’s character in Power Rangers


The ex-Power Ranger actor stabs roommate–Conan the Barbarian style–over an argument about his girlfriend, as described by TMZ.

Ricardo Medina Jr. now faces up to six years imprisonment after the ex-Power Ranger actor stabs roommate Josh Sutter with a sword during an argument back in 2015.

This is Conan the Barbarian as played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, for those who don’t get the reference.

The former Red Lion Wild Force Power Ranger initially refused to plead guilty to murder, nod admits to a charge of voluntary manslaughter last Thursday.

The police reported that the incident is caused by a quarrel about the 38yo’s girlfriend parking outside their Los Angeles residence.

The actor who starred in Power Rangers Wild Force as well as the Power Rangers Samurai series headed to the bedroom together with his girlfriend after the clamor, only to be followed by roommate Sutter.

It was when Medina struck Sutter with the sword in the latter’s abdomen multiple times.

TMZ described the sword as similar to that of Conan the Barbarian’s.

The former actor immediately reported the incident to 911 and told the police authorities that his act was done in self-defense.

Sutter died in the hospital.

The trial

Prosecutors rejected the case and released the actor after he was arrested.

However, Medina was back in jail by January 2016 and his crime was changed to murder to which he pleaded not guilty.

In a statement, the actor apologized and said that he was “very, very, very sorry for what occurred.”

Medina now admits to the charge of voluntary manslaughter and to use a sword in his crime.





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